Mobile Visual IVR Gives Customers More Control

By | March 22, 2014

While traditional IVR solutions have been servicing customers as multifunctional and capable systems that allowed users to complete numerous customer interactions, such as check out balance, change subscription plans, booking tickets, ordering deliveries and much more, new visual IVR solutions can be even more engaging and effective in terms of customer service. 

A visualized menu that is accessible from tablet, PC, or mobile phone is a new way to improve customer engagement and make IVR systems become even more effective and productive, as well as let them automate more business processes. 

Call abandonment is the main issue that affects classic DTMF IVR software tools because not all customers are ready to deal with long wait times and complicated process of interacting with the system by using DTMF technology only. Especially it relates to situations where customers use poorly managed voice recognition systems that make them repeat their queries again and again. 

Visualized IVRS can be integrated with current business tools and processes, as well as you can even retain your voice-run IVR system. The best thing about visual IVRs is that they can handle more customer requests and free agents from servicing numerous of them. 

Even though visual IVRs can provide “turnkey” customer service, agents can still track the process of service providing and manage customer interactions if needed. Moreover, system also provides valuable insights into customer interactions, so agents can address customer needs with full understanding of the issue. 

implement solutions that take advantage of this technology by introducing self-service solutions.