Rubidium Hits the Jackpot in Embedded Voice Technology

By | August 13, 2014

For many years now, Rubidium has been innovating speech processing solutions for embedded applications. Its specialty has been low cost, low footprint, low power, multilingual, market-driven, voice-user interface solutions that are highly flexible and easy to incorporate in any consumer product. Is it any surprise then, that it has sold over 50 million copies of its embedded voice and speech technologies to date?

“The 50 million mark is a big deal for us at Rubidium,” said Shlomo Peller, founder and CEO of Rubidium. Vision is important and to be honest, everyone can have a vision, yet it is always a tough task to transform an idea into a reality. It requires hard work, much effort, time and faith in success.

“When we started Rubidium nearly 20 years ago, we had a vision of a voice user interface providing consumers with intuitive, hands-free control of their electronic devices,” noted Peller.

And after contributing all these efforts, the vision became a reality – the solutions provided by the Rubidium can now be implemented in almost any customer product.

Having seized the opportunity to cater to the demand for low-cost, low-power solutions, Rubidium has carved a notable presence across various industries, including mobile, wireless, automotive, and home appliances. Its success has led to an expanded footprint in consumer devices and semiconductor sectors, boasting technology integration in over 25 million products worldwide—a significant achievement. As embedded voice user interfaces gain prominence, Rubidium finds itself in a favorable position, particularly as its technology seamlessly integrates with cloud-based speech functionalities. This synergy propels the company into a promising trajectory, akin to a smooth journey on Cloud 9.

With a wealth of strategic advantages, Rubidium is poised for further growth. Its roadmap includes enhancing product robustness, quality, accuracy, and clarity, while promising a stream of innovations that could propel the company to even greater heights of success.