SpeechStorm Partners with GM Voices to Enhance IVR and Mobile Solutions

By | May 30, 2014

Speech Storm, a company that provides mobile voice customer service, signed an agreement with GM Voice, a producing company that creates voice prompts for business automation. 

This partnership is focused on helping Speech Storm to expand its customer base over the world and provide innovative IVR solutions to more businesses. 

Companies will cooperate to translate and adapt SpeechStorm user interface and to create authentic voice recordings and voice prompts that will be designed in all languages needed to support international users of SpeechStorm IVR solutions.

Marcus Graham (News – Alert), CEO of GM Voices said, “They’re setting a new standard for IVR personalization, and adding GM Voices’ comprehensive voice recording and persona development expertise to the equation is a no-brainer as they expand their international footprint.”

GM voices provides its services in more than 100 languages, which means it can provide localization for almost any market available.

SpeechStorm CEO Oliver Lennon said in a statement, “This partnership will add great value for our customers, and the timing could not be better as we expand rapidly into new global markets. Using GM Voices’ professional recordings will ensure that our solutions maintain their standard of excellence, no matter where and with what customer or audience we engage. The world really is our oyster through this tie-up!”

The first stage of localization includes interface design in Spanish and French, while German and Portuguese are coming soon.