Amazon Connect Adds New Generative AI Capabilities to Aid Call Center Agents

By | December 7, 2023

While AI is often discussed in terms of replacing human call center agents, its current focus lies in enhancing agents’ roles by acting as an intelligent assistant. It aids in researching customer queries, finding resources, and offering options. Additionally, AI assists in after-call wrap-up tasks by creating summaries and generating analytics for operational improvement.

AWS recently introduced new generative AI capabilities in Amazon Connect, its cloud contact center service. These enhancements utilize large language models (LLMs) and foundation models (FMs) from Amazon Bedrock. For instance, Amazon Q in Connect offers agents recommended responses based on real-time customer queries, speeding up customer support. Amazon Connect Contact Lens identifies crucial parts of conversations with AI-generated summaries, detecting sentiment and trends.

Amazon Lex in Amazon Connect now allows for swift creation of chatbots and IVR systems using natural language prompts. Furthermore, Amazon Connect Customer Profiles streamline customer service by consolidating profiles from various applications and databases.

“The contact center industry is poised to be fundamentally transformed by generative AI, offering customer service agents, contact center supervisors and contact center administrators new ways to deliver personalized customer experiences even more effectively,” noted Pasquale DeMaio, VP of Amazon Connect, AWS Applications. “Yet few organizations have the advanced machine learning expertise to easily harness this technology and apply it to their operations. With just a few clicks, contact center leaders can leverage new capabilities powered by generative AI in Amazon Connect to enhance the more than 15 million customer interactions handled on Amazon Connect every day.”