Broadvoice AI Opens Door to Smart Automated Transactions for Smaller Call Centers

By | January 25, 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the contact center industry, but yet most SMB (small and midsize businesses) struggle to implement such solutions – both because of lack of trust and inability to analyze market changes. This can lead to the situation where such businesses will be inable to provide the same quality of customer experience as their larger competitors do.

Omnichannel contact center platform and UC provider Broadvoice, has announced the release of its new AI-driven workflow builder, Broadvoice AI. This solution offers a symbios of IVA (Intelligent Voice Assistant) and advanced IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems capabitilies to provide seamless customer service.

Broadvoice AI is simple in use, easy to implement and doesn’t require huge budgets, which makes it affordable for small businesses.

“Instead of wasting valuable time on repetitive calls and queries, agents can now address more complex issues, resulting in a better overall customer experience and immediate ROI,” noted Broadvoice Chief Product Officer George Mitsopoulos in a statement.

Customers using Broadvoice AI experienced an 80% success in voice bot efficiency and a 42% reduction in time using IVR navigation.

“Now our clients can verbalize their needs and an AI system processes the request and transfers it to a team that is best equipped to deal with the request,” said María José Baena, Customer Service Manager at Tinsa, a Broadvoice AI customer.