BJ’s Wholesale Launches Automated Voice-Based Virtual Assistant for Older Shoppers

By | August 4, 2021

BJ’s Wholesale Club has released its new automated voice assistant that is going to support buyers. The new service is focused on older buyers, who often reject new technological solutions so it is aimed at replacing “robotic” IVR experience with first-class AI conversational service. 

New solution was designed and produced by Everise, a well-known developer of customer experience solutions. The company focused on creating a full, customer-oriented knowledge base integrated with natural language processing technology and text-driven interfaces. 

All interfaces were designed in accordance with all language nuances that are common for people of older generations. The same it works with speech recognition – it recognizes nuances of Northeast accent that is native for many of BJ buyers. 

The new solution became a part of BJ current omnichannel customer service platform that offers both inbound and outbound call processing. Since its launch, Everise AI-driven IVR and chatbots have processed around a half of all requests. Everise technology handles more than half a million calls per month, and automates around 25% of all interactions.