BPO Company Launches AI-Driven Conversational IVR Technology

By | August 30, 2019

Artificial intelligence makes many aspects of your contact center smarter today: it helps locate conversations in quality monitoring solutions, and it helps build better, more intelligence schedules. In some cases, it even drives customer chat, either handling chat responses entirely or guiding human agents to finding better answers more quickly. So why shouldn’t it add some smart to your interactive voice response (IVR) system.

Let’s tell the truth: customers hate IVRs and consider them the most frustrating part of their call center customer experience. They are time-consuming, non-comprehensive, huge and difficult to navigate, while old voice recognition systems just don’t work as they should. That’s why AI integration seems to be the best solution for IVR developers. 

MRS BPO LLC, a debt collection company, released Adam, a conversational IVR designed to service customers more efficiently. Adam uses both IVR and AI technologies and can expand its database while interacting with customers, which means it can learn to provide customer service that is close to what human customer service looks like. 

“Adam exists in an agile technology environment and we are always adding more intelligence and capabilities to him,” said Michael Meyer, Chief Innovation Officer, MRS BPO, in a statement. “We’re constantly finding new ways to make use of IBM Watson to help add more intelligence into every facet of Adam. It’s allowed us to reach a level of customer experience that is a huge win for our clients and their customers.”

Adam is designed to service customer calls during non-business hours and can address thousands of calls at the same time, resolving customer issues and providing customer support to everyone who needs it.