Black Friday and Cyber Monday Data Reveals Insight into Customer Experience

By | January 24, 2013

The last holidays revealed an interesting trend regarding the customer behavior – it’s the fact that customers are relying on different technologies and contact channels to keep in touch with their favorite brands.

Multichannel customer service isn’t something that is uncommon nowadays, yet some businesses still don’t know whether to implement such multichannel communication platform or not. The fact is that customers use numerous digital channels to interact with brands – from basic phone calls to mobile apps and chatbots, and sometimes such channels become absolutely automated – which means no customer service reps are involved in customer interactions.

Digital shopping is common, but keeps growing – people are willing to choose products in the Internet, and sometimes they even process the entrie sales cycle without contacting the sales team, which makes it important for businesses to provide consistent customer experience.

In the past, holiday shopping primarily involved visiting physical retail stores, enduring long queues, and facing persistent salespeople pushing products for commission. However, the landscape of technology and mobile usage has significantly altered how consumers make their purchases. As consumer behaviors evolve, businesses must adapt to cater to their needs to gain a competitive edge. This entails addressing various channels through which they engage with customers to keep them engaged, satisfied, and actively shopping.
This year’s data indicates a diverse range of channels that customers utilize for gift purchases. With multiple generations participating in the shopping process, preferences span across online platforms, physical stores, and mobile devices. To maintain strong connections with customers, retailers must be proactive in meeting their expectations. Ultimately, the goal is to cultivate a loyal customer base that is happy, engaged, and inclined to make repeat purchases.