Genesys Launches Its Proactive Engagement Solution

By | May 15, 2013

Genesys, a global giant in customer service and contact center software solutions, announced at G-Force Boca Raton the launch of Genesys Proactive Engagement, a comprehensive solution that improves sales efficiency for e-commerce and helps improve the rate of requests resolved on the first contact.

Genesys Proactive Engagement offers companies the ability to integrate a dynamic model of customer behavior with customer interaction history and transaction data, thereby creating a tool for determining the optimal time to interact with site visitors, choosing the right communication channel, and selecting the most appropriate specialist. The timely use of this tool is often a decisive factor for a successful sale, minimizing the risk of an abandoned cart. Forrester Research estimates that U.S. companies will lose about $115 billion in lost revenue this year alone due to abandoned shopping carts on the website.

When it comes to customer support, the history of previous customer actions and general behavioral analytics form the necessary context, which is the key to successfully responding to the first customer requests. It is also an important step in solving problems that arise during the first contact with them. Customers consider the need to repeat the same information to be one of the main negative aspects of communicating with contact centers. The reason for this is the need for a clear picture of customer behavior, as any information is lost when switching from one communication channel to another.

The Genesys Proactive Engagement tool is based on a specific algorithm of business rules, which is adaptive, allowing companies to easily change these rules depending on how customers behave and what requests they make to the support team. The business rules system calculates the optimal timing for offering the customer to start interacting through the channel that is most effective for the visitor and the situation at hand. At this stage, the system directs the customer to the agent available at the time, who is familiar with enough information about the customer to provide the best possible assistance. In this way, the contact center can provide a more personalized interaction, thereby contributing to a better customer experience and higher conversion rates.

Key benefits

  • The Genesys Proactive Engagement solution successfully integrates a company’s web channel with any popular customer engagement platform.
  • Thanks to the routing function, Genesys matches each lead with a sales or support specialist who will best satisfy their request through the appropriate communication channel and at the appropriate time.
  • The necessary information about customers is displayed in a user-friendly desktop interface that helps agents better understand customer behavior and improve customer experience.
  • The solution includes several channels for communicating with customers: web chat, voice call, SMS, email, and others.
  • The information obtained from behavioral analytics serves as the basis for the success of future interactions on all channels and for improving the level of customer experience.

Related quotes

“Today’s web engagement solutions fall short on multiple levels. They are typically limited to chat and callback, and analytics are limited solely to the web,” said Paul Segre, President and CEO, of Genesys. “Genesys Proactive Engagement provides engagement through any channel including voice, SMS, email, Web-RTC, and web forms, while leveraging contextual behavior from the web and interaction history across all channels. This powerful combination delivers a new level of customer engagement not possible until now.”

About Genesys

Genesys is a leading developer of customer experience solutions and contact center software. The company serves more than 2,200 customers in 80 countries, delivering more than 100 million customer interactions daily, including through contact centers and back offices, enabling fast and optimal levels of personalized customer service. In addition, Genesys also covers many of the needs of employees by regulating workloads, helping to manage tasks, and generally simplifying a great deal of work through automation.