Five Reasons for Choosing Hosted IVR

By | December 6, 2013

Cloud technologies are going to replace legacy on-premises solutions, and this is going to happen faster than you expected

Interactive voice response (IVR) systems aren’t an exclusion, because companies have already discovered benefits of cost-saving cloud solutions that can’t be competed by old on-premises solutions.

There is a list of exact reasons why businesses switch for cloud IVRs instead of on-premises systems:

No maintenance: The typical IVR system uses different hardware and software components, including telecommunication elements to connect the system to the PSTN network, computer server, power backup, etc. All this hardware surely requires a team to be maintained properly, as well as when it fails, all the recovery process is the duty of the hardware owner – which means business pays for it and also suffers from all negative consequences that can be caused. 

Simple scalability: Cloud IVR systems are easy to scale up or even downgrade when needed, as all the infrastructure is located at vendor’s side, and all the setup is also provided by vendor, which means you only have to communicate with a vendor your required changes into the system and wait for it to bed done. When it comes to money, the price won’t be higher than it will take you to update an on-premise solution.

Future-proof: On-premises solutions are difficult to upgrade, as they often need total reconfiguration when it comes to adopting new technologies, such as speech recognition, which becomes extremely popular to use in IVR solutions. In the case of cloud solutions, there is no such issue – vendor updates its technology either on his own or on your demand. 

Up-to-minute monitoring of costs: Hosted IVR solutions provide clear understanding of your ROI and upfront costs, while maintaining an on-premise solution always means unexpected expenses and potential problems. 

Time-saving: Cloud solutions allow you to focus on things you are good at, while owning an on-premise solution means building an entire infrastructure of a solution you most likely don’t know much about, as its telephony solution – that’s why most businesses leave this matter to professionals.