TemPositions Selects Pronexus VBVoice 8 to Develop an Advanced IVR System

By | January 20, 2014

Pronexus recently revealed that TemPositions Group of Companies has opted for VBVoice 8 to craft an advanced IVR system for its service staffing agency. Empowered by a user-friendly graphical interface, the VBVoice 8 toolkit positions TemPositions to enhance its IVR technology, streamlining automated staffing operations. This innovative system equips TemPositions to efficiently connect with its extensive pool of skilled candidates, expediting client orders seamlessly. As a distinguished provider of cost-effective, interactive voice development solutions, Pronexus plays a pivotal role in this technological evolution.

Kevin Delaski, the Vice President and CIO of TemPositions Group of Companies, emphasized the commitment to delivering optimal service through cutting-edge technology. Leveraging IVR for round-the-clock access to their talent pool has proven instrumental. The Pronexus VBVoice 8 foundation facilitates the development of a state-of-the-art IVR solution, enabling TemPositions to swiftly address client staffing needs while concurrently reducing operational costs.

VBVoice empowers customers to construct sophisticated IVR applications using familiar, standardized programming skills and languages. The TemPositions IVR system, developed on VBVoice 8, automatically engages available candidates matching the required skills upon the submission of an online order for contingent staff. Candidates can seamlessly accept or decline assignments in real-time through the IVR interface, streamlining the process with the simplicity of a button press on their phones. Remarkably, the IVR system efficiently handles 2,000 to 2,500 temporary staffing orders monthly without necessitating human intervention, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

VBVoice’s compatibility with the latest Microsoft Visual Studio versions enhances its appeal, allowing customers to employ industry-standard programming languages. The solution seamlessly integrates a user-friendly visual call flow with programmable controls, incorporating features like text-to-speech and speech recognition. Notably, it offers time-saving options, including a multi-lingual prompt library and sample applications for educational purposes, enhancing the understanding of the toolkit’s functionalities.