Google Cloud Welcomes as Partner, Launching Innovative Conversational IVR Plugin

By | June 5, 2023

We live in the era of multichannel communications. Even though it is now common for clients to prefer SMS or email communications, phone support is still a leading customer service channel. Recent studies show that around a half of customers still prefer voice channels for customer support purposes – and this number isn’t going to decrease. It’s not a vast majority as it was, but it is still at the top. 

But why?

First of all, customers seek for tailored customer experience and they also want to be engaged in the process of issue resolution. The only way to get that personal touch is to use phone communication, as well as immediate response – not from the perspective of waiting on the line, but from the perspective or direct communication between the customer and agent. Ability to express emotions is also an important factor. There are also people who just prefer phone communication as the only way to communicate with anyone – there are plenty of such individuals in older age demographics. 

The main problem with customer calls handling is that most calls are routed wrongly – they are answered by a wrong agent. 

So, to avoid that issue,, a brand from Artificial Solutions and innovator in the field of AI, joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program as a technology partner. The plugin integrates Google Cloud services with Teneo’s Conversational IVR solution, OpenQuestion, and provides call routing with higher accuracy and cost-saving features. 

OpenQuestion, a new conversational self-service solution, provides voice recognition to replace legacy DTMF solutions for IVR systems. 

OpenQuestion also provides its own Voice Gateway, integrating traditional telephony infrastructure with cloud services, provided by Google. 

“Investing in modernizing existing IVR technology for customer engagement is essential to help drive productivity, reduce cost and boost customer satisfaction in the contact center,” said Mykola Sochynskyi, Global Partner Manager of Artificial Solutions.