In a New IVR Strategy, Give Customers What They Want

By | April 24, 2023

It can seem like no one loves talking by phone these days. Instant messaging has changed the way people communicate, and as phone communication was always a challenge for introverted people, it looks like this way of communicating is losing its positions. Nonetheless, when it comes to customer issues resolution, there is no better way to do it than on a phone. 

Info-Tech Research Group has recently posted a report where researchers have concluded that modern IVR solutions that are focused on customer needs are the way to improve customer experience when interacting with customer service departments. 

“An organization’s IVR approach can make or break their customers’ experience,” says Austin Wagar, research analyst at Info-Tech Research Group. “The feelings customers are left with after interacting with contact centers and support lines have a major impact on their future purchase decisions.”

As customer satisfaction becomes the most important customer service metric, call center executives are looking for solutions that could increase it. IVR can be such a solution, but only if you design it in accordance with customer needs and expectations, not just as a tool that has to save your money. Companies should invest more in research and development of IVR systems for their business, as such solutions can cause both harm and good – depending on how you use them. 

To boost the effectiveness of IVR solution, the business has to start from building a database with most common customer queries during calls. This base will allow you to build call flow tree and develop your IVR system. Investing in current leading technologies is also vital, and it relates to such technologies as natural language processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning.