Voice Bot and the real-time customer experience: a successful case study

By | August 19, 2022

Voice bots have transformed customer support, automating tasks like appointment booking and issue resolution, leading to real-time responses and enhanced user experience. SOGEDES, a German IT services company and INGO partner, excels in this domain, optimizing voice bot systems for seamless, human-like interactions.

Using XCALLY, UniMRCP, and Google services, SOGEDES achieved real-time responses, overcoming delays in conversation flow. However, they faced challenges, such as Google’s fixed timeout for voice recognition, impacting user experience. The solution involved implementing a UniMRCP server to detect user silence, ensuring timely bot responses.

Real-time interaction with voice bots elevates user experience, improving IVR flows and customer satisfaction. It streamlines processes like after-hours support, information dissemination, issue resolution, and appointment booking. Continuous monitoring and optimization are vital for enhancing bot performance and customer interactions over time.

By adopting voice bot technology, businesses can save time and resources, automate processes typical of human work, and provide efficient customer service even outside working hours. A customer service bot can offer information about the company and its products or services, attempt to solve customer problems without human contact, and even automatically book meetings or appointments.

However, to ensure effective interaction, conversation flows should include closed questions for affirmative or negative responses. Voice bot technology is an iterative process, aiming to progressively approach desired results. Thus, continuous monitoring is crucial for evaluating bot performance and optimizing interactions with customers, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.